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Giussani company was founded by Luigi Giussani in 1947. Luigi began his career producing thermometers and relay amplifiers. The need to calibrate and test his products with instruments, which were difficult to find after the war, brought Luigi Giussani to realize his own test systems. During the following years, the production of calibration systems overcame the manufacturing of measuring instruments. 


  • 1947 - 70

    Giussani started his activity with the manufacture of glass thermometers with electrical contact (1), relays (2), and amplifier. In a short time, Giussani becomes the leader in manufacturing of instruments and control systems (3) for temperature and humidity. These instruments were applied to the drying of Italian pasta and, more in general, to process controls.

    At a later time Giussani developed and produced also thermostatic baths (4) and more complex testing equipments. 

  • 1970 - 80

    Giussani began the production of vacuum filling systems (5) using innovative technologies that introduced a revolutionary manufacturing method for liquid filled thermometers and mercury switches. In this period also new models of thermostatic baths have been developed and liquid expansion thermometers were replaced by compact digital thermo regulators (7).

    During 70’s and 80’s started the mass-production (6) that brought Giussani in the modern era.

  • 1982

    Giussani realized the first test bench for sanitary taps (8). 

    In the following years, the requests of many Italian taps factories, leads Giussani to develop a full line of test benches to meet taps Standards.

  • 1984

    This year was marked by the research and development of the first portable temperature calibrator
    The positive results, obtained during the tests, performed in primary laboratory, allowed to start the production of a family of portable temperature calibrators (9) that cover the range between -20 and 550 °C.
    These new models of portable temperature calibrators obtained an immediate and very positive feedback from the French market.

    During ’80s fast and deep changes have interested Giussani. These changes brought Giussani from a national Company to an international one. The internationalization process was allowed by distribution agreements with France, Greece, Spain, Portugal and the sales of test benches in China, Holland, UK, Turkey. 

    In this decade, started the manufacture of multifunctional test benches (10) for temperature and pressure measurement and electrical signals. These test benches obtained a great success in the Italian EPC contractors and have been exported all over the world.


  • 1990 - 2000

    The production of test benches for sanitary taps and instrumental benches (11) gradually increases, allowing the manufacture of a more complete and complex products. 
    During this period also the test benches with integrated computer has been developed. These new test benches introduced the real time data acquisition and allowed to manage and save the performed tests.

    In the meantime a new family of thermostatic portable calibrators with microprocessor (12) and an expanded range from -30 °C to +1100 °C was introduced. The testing procedure for the thermostatic portable calibrators has been fully automated by a proprietary software.
    The new pattern of calibrators received an immediate success in the European Market, and the export exceeded the 50%.

  • 2002

    The Giussani moved his headquarter in Via Dei Crederi in Fara Gera d’Adda (13). The new area is made of 7.500 Sq.m, 2.400 indoor, with an open-space office, a warehouse, and a production area with a closed-circuit hydraulic network to supply the test benches. 

    The new building is equipped by a metrological space for periodical calibrations of instruments and a laboratory for hydraulic and instrumental tests that allows to provide a calibration service and tests for Customers.

  • 2005

    A big effort was made to completely renew the whole family of test benches for sanitary taps and was developed a brand new line for hydraulic test benches for the test of hydraulic components.
    The new generation of test benches is realized with anodized aluminium frame and is equipped with a new software that allows the multi-language management. Servo-systems are implemented, to handle the components during the tests.

    In the meantime the portable calibration line has been enlarged with a new type of liquid calibrators and with a family of compact and entry-level models. 


    Giussani is the company leader in Europe for the manufacture of sanitary test benches and portable calibrators
    Giussani produces a full line of benches settled in more than 500 testing laboratory located all over the world.

    Recently, the Company obtained the CSA qualification of his own hydraulic laboratory. The availability of a qualified laboratory and the strong skills, arising from years of experience, allows Giussani to offer to his Customers a full service of hydraulic tests.

    The family of portable calibrators is composed by a full range of models to satisfy every costumer’ needs. Portable calibrators are distributed all over the world by a local distributors network, always supported by Giussani’ technical knowhow. 

    The Company is strongly committed to ensure a constant process of self-improvement to steady his leadership on the market and ensure Customer satisfaction. Giussani is a passionate group focussed on Customer needs to offer the best solution in line with market and Customer requests.

    The R&D team at Giussani is very experienced, skilled and committed to ensure a very competitive and customized product.

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New hydraulic comparison pump - BT series up to 3000 bar

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